I need some help on extending Work flow capabilities using OTA code in HPQC 10.0

I am kind of stuck at the point where I need to get the sub folders for parent folder in the test lab module.
I need to get the test set details report at the test set folder level hierarchy. In order for me to get all the child nodes under main parent node I am using the following logic but counter returns the child nodes under the Root node in Test Lab module. I need to get the count under the folder I will run the test set details report from . Please see the code I am using and let me know what I need to update in below OTA code.

'Get the test set tree manager from the test set factory.

Set TSetFact = TDConnection.TestSetFactory
Set tsTreeMgr = TDConnection.TestSetTreeManager

'Use TestSetTreeManager.NodeByPath
'to get the test set folder.
'You can also get a particular folder by walking the tree
'starting from TestSetTreeManager.Root and using

Set Root = tsTreeMgr.Root
Set testSetFolder = Root.SubNodes
Counter = testSetFolder.Count
msgbox Counter