I have an issue in the QC script during add and edit of a defect. 2 fields that I enter are BG_Detected_In_RCYC, and BG_detected_in_Rel.
Functionality appears that entering the cycle (based on LOV) should default the release field. This is the case, however before the bug posts or edit takes I get the following error:

Error at Line 838, (character 3)
Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment:
Fields = Bug_Fields
==> If Fields(FieldName).Value = "[Help]" Then
Fields(FieldName).Value = ""

I'm not a VB expert, so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage, but does anyone know (or have experienced this) how to resolve?

I can click through the error message and the value takes just fine, it's just frustrating to be faced with this error message each time the field is selected.