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    excel results into QC

    Can QC import results from an excel file?

    I have a requirement where
    1. testcases are written in QC with test steps
    2. Read the testcases from QC, process the functionality in an application
    3. Write the results back to QC.

    1, 2 are taken care of, but having a difficult time for 3. the excel add in provides functionality to import test cases, defects but not results.
    Any inputs would be really helpful.


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    Re: excel results into QC

    3 is not possible via standard functionality but it's possible using the OTA API.
    You can look up
    - TestSetFactory and
    - RunFactory
    in the OTA API Help and see if this sounds like something you would want to deal with.
    What you have to be aware of, is that you'll need to set up quite restrictive rules as to TestLab design, otherwise you'll try to create runs for test instances that do not exist (fun) or overwrite your previous runs (more fun).

    Also, there's no way I know of to make the progress graphs display your own Exec Date. They will always show the date on which you have imported the data.

    On the whole: There's a reason it's not provided as out-of-the-box functionality [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: excel results into QC

    I guessed that was the reason for not having and Out of box solution..but wanted to know if somebody had worked on this before. so that i can get ideas and start working on the exposed API's



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