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    QC Customizing workflow in Test Lab

    Having no success trying to add code (script editor) to somehow record / stamp the Tester for every executed Test Step during a manual test run. Want to add a column to the test instance properties for Tester. This is because some scripts require more than one Tester to complete. So would like to know who changed each step status during a run. I know the Tester is record at the Test Level, I want it at the Test Step level. Has anyone done this?


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    Re: QC Customizing workflow in Test Lab

    Add a Field like "Step Tester" [ST_USER_01] Userlist under testStep Custom Fields. Hide this field in TestPlan and Use the below code under ManualRun_Step_FieldCanChange.

    If FieldName = "ST_STATUS" then
    If NewValue <> "No Run" Then
    Step_Fields("ST_USER_01").Value = User.UserName
    End If
    End If

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    Re: QC Customizing workflow in Test Lab

    Thanks. This worked very well. BTW: is there a reference guide to the script editor?



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