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    Test Set Configuration


    I had a question regarding configuration of test sets:

    Can we configure QC in such a way that a specific user group can have access to only certain test sets and not all of them. (e.g. User Group UAT_users can execute test set 1 and test set 2 but not test set 3).

    As per my understanding, there is no way in QC to grant or deny access to only some of the instances of a particular entity (test set in this case).

    Please let me know if this is true.


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    Re: Test Set Configuration

    Read the built in help (Tools > Help on this page...) and look for 'data hiding filters'.

    Generally, you can hide entities but not folders.

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    Re: Test Set Configuration

    Thanks a lot Alex!! It worked out.

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    Re: Test Set Configuration

    Hi Alex,

    But once i click on "Clear Filter", i am able to view and execute the testsets right?

    How can i restrict the others from that user group. If other than that user group tries to execute, then a pop up error message should be displayed.

    How can i achieve this?




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