I'm trying to define guidelines on my project to design automated Perl scripts to:
- run commands (storing command in DESCRIPTION field => DONE)
- retrieve results in ACTUAL fields => DONE
- store EXPECTED passed as parameter => DONE
- compare ACTUAL / EXPECTED to conclude on test STATUS => DONE
- do this for SQL queries => DONE
- do this for DS jobs on remote server
- do this for UNIX cmds on remote server
- parameterize these scripts to pass db login (3 different environments i.e. DEV, TST, PROD), command and EXPECTED as Input Vars

I'm able to define these parameters into a Perl Test script.
I'm still figuring how to call this Perl Test from another Test prompting for parameters when run.

Component Build
OTA Client
User Interface Missing...
WebGate Client Missing...
Test Run Scheduler Missing...
Execution Flow Missing...

Mercury Quality Center 9.0 Enterprise Edition (formerly TestDirector)

Thanks for your help.
Best regards