WE are trying to decide how to identify a group of bugs that will be included in a build. There is the Target Cycle field, but my understanding is that the cycles should not be used as builds - it is not feasible to move the requirements, etc., through as many cycles as there are potential builds. Our lead wants to be able to 1.ID which bugs are fixed AND ready to go into a build. 2. Be able to get a list of "other objects", stored procedures and the like, that must be migrated to the QA server with the build. He is proposing a 'migration bug' be created for the build. All fixed bugs destined for that build will be linked to it as a parent. Then a document that lists the SQL objects that need to be moved to the test database is attached to the migration bug and that bug assigned to the DBA with a status of Migrate to Test. This seems rather convoluted to me. Anyone have a solution to this requirement?