Doing an upgrade today, it failed with various errors. Prior to the process I took a backup of my project and copied my project repository. These are in 7.6 and I'm trying to go to 9.0. To get the 7.6 project back and active do I simply need to restore my project backup that I took this morning and then copy my repository back into it's original directory? As usual the docs are semi-vague so I just wanted to be sure before I went ahead and did this. I can currently see my project in 7.6 and can activate it. It seems to be fine but I tried to make a copy of the project and it said it was unable to do so because it was now TD8.

FYI- This is Oracle 10 and TD7.6 going to QC 9.0.

Sorry for the long winded post. Just getting frustrated....Thanks!