Hi all,

have looked here and on the HP self service for this issue but not found anything that matches, so wondering if anyone else has ever seen this in QC 9.2 in patch level 16 before I go through the pain of HP support.

When in the test lab a user had created a test set folder that was 7 folders from the root (e.g. root/../../../../../../<test set name&gt containing 2 BPT tests. When trying to execute those 2 tests through QC on remote machines the test would sporadically fail after the 1st component was loaded for execution. Looking at the log from the test run window it shows that the test only loaded the BPT component but never actually began execution of it and stated the following error message "Failed...<BPT component name> Unable to run business component....The test set,{test_set \00000057\Root\<folder structure>,testcycle_id: "2032"}, does not exist...".

What is strange is I am able to run the same tests from a similar folder in a different location in the test lab without any issue, so the obvious workaround is to simply move the tests, but does anyone have any idea why this issue is occurring in the first place in this 1 folder? We run many BPT tests through QC and have never seen this before.