We want to do periodically Test Cases. E.g.: all the Mondays at 10 o’clock.
We find a way to do a scheduler Tasks in windows system (“At” or “SchTsks” commands) and then the RunTestSet.exe application to automate the Test Cases directly in Cmd(command line).
We are trying execute the RunTestSet.exe application to automate the Test Cases of my QC 10. We are doing these actions:
<font color="green">RunTestSet.exe /s:http://server.com:8080/qcbin /n:default /d:QualityCenter_Demo /u:user /password /f:Root\Folder</font>

This action returns an error:

<font color="green">Initializing TDServer Http://server.com:8080/qcbin
Connecting to default.QualityCenter_Demo project
Checking TestSetFolder : Root\Folder
Opening Scheduler...
Starting test set execution...
Error: Error: IDispatch error #601

But if we put the next line, the RunTestSet functions correctly, because we add the hostname or local host in command line, but we don’t want to add this parameter in command line, because Quality have the hostname indicate yet:
<font color="green">RunTestSet.exe /s:http://quality.server.com:8080/qcbin /n:default /d:QualityCenter_Demo /u:user /password /f:Root\Folder (/h:hostname or /l)</font>

We don't know, why happens this problem, and now we are going to do some questions:
Is it possible anything that it has relation with the OTA interface?
Or is it why we need another thing to add in Quality Center 10?
Do you know if there is any other way to execute Test Cases periodically with the Quality?

Thank you for all.
We expect your answer.