I need some help on the following. I am trying to extract values from the new defect window in the defect module in QC. I have been able to get the fields name, type using the following code.. but I need to extract now the values from within the fields that have a dropdown or customized list i.e. like priority, which has high, medium or low.. I have been gonig through the OTA api, and I have come across the customization object, but still not able retrieve the values.. any help will be great..

Dim QCConnection
Set QCConnection = QCUtil.QCConnection
'Get the IBugFactory
Set BugFact = QCConnection.BugFactory
'Add a new, empty defect
Set BugList = BugFact.NewList("")
Set fieldList = BugList.Fields
' Set aBug = BugList(0)


For Each aField In fieldList
datatable.SetCurrentRow i
datatable.Value("DefectFields",dtglobalsheet)=aFie ld.name
datatable.Value("DefectFieldType",dtglobalsheet)=a Field.type
datatable.Value("DefectFeildProperty",dtglobalshee t)=aField.property
i = i+1

datatable.Export "C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\QPTTEMP\Defectfields.xls"