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    Automail question

    We created a custom list in the defects module called Defect Status based on the existing Bug status list. My PM would like to send Automail to the "Detected By" user when the Defect Status "Complete" is selected. I select the "Detected By" condition in admin (QC Automail section) and as a condition select "Defect Status = Closed". But when I change the status to Closed the detected by user is not mailed. It seems that mailing DOES work since I do get mailed when defects are Assigned to users.

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    Re: Automail question

    Hi DieselDave,

    The Auto mail function needs to be enabled by your Qualitycenter site administrator for your project before the auto mail function can work. Have you confirmed this with your SA?


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    Re: Automail question

    I am the admin and the automail is on. I do get mail when a defect is assigned to me, it is the condition above that doesn't seem to work.

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    Re: Automail question

    I have found the only way around the automail issue is by putting code within the workflow to handle it.
    I put in a SendEmail function, and wrote the conditions under which an email should be emailed in the Bug_AfterPost action.



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