How can I generate a test case document with QC where the Linked objects (or contents of links) appear correctly. Of course I'm talking about links to Template Tests. Currently when I use document generator to export a test as a word document, it displays "Calls to link" with mentions of corresponding parameter values as in the following example:

Step Name : Call
Description : Calling test: Subject\2. Automation and Exception Scenarios\2.04 Data Validation and Review\T- Set Initial Dates with the following parameters: ScheduleDate Value='25-04-2009'
Expected Result : See called test for expected results

I'd like to see the contents of the actual links displayed in the Step Descriptions eg:

Step Name : Set Initial Dates
Description : Change the Schedule date value to '25-04-2009'
Expected Result : Schedule Date is set to 25-04-2009. A "date change" warning is issued.