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    Delete permisions for the core QC roles

    The problem I am trying to solve:
    Users are deleting artifacts from QC when they shouldn't.

    I know I can go into the roles and make a copy of all the roles and remove the permissions for deleting, but I was hoping there was a means to do this either via workflow or through running an update query in SA.

    Thanks in advance,

    Bernard Szymczak

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    Re: Delete permisions for the core QC roles

    Delete is an action that can be halted/altered in the ActionCanExecute workflow.

    You can also hide visibility of Delete from the right-mouse-click menu.

    But the best thing you can do for your projects safety is remove the permission from your groups.
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    Re: Delete permisions for the core QC roles

    Sorry for not commenting on this sooner, been under the weather.

    I will write something for the ActionCanExecute (As a quick fix for now as the tool is implemented), and then do a group/role based fix later. We need to hash out who can do what yet.

    Bernard Szymczak



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