Hi Everyone.

We create application area which have function libraries, object repositories ,recovery scenario i.e the resources needed for a quick test business components to run.

We place this resources in Quality center.

Lets have a scenario:

I have a function library in location Subject\BPT Resources\Library\demo_v1_1000.txt where he library name is

The same library is attached to an application area named:

I change some code in the libraray and increment the build number thus the new name is demo_v1_1001.txt
When i open a business component associated with the application area andtry to see the library file it would not be able to open as the path does not exist as the name gets changed.


Can i have a mechanism where in the application area name automatically gets attached in short a way i can know a library file is attached to the application area(s) .Thus if i modify the name i can revisit the application area(s) and can again reference to the new one.

Any inputs is appreciated.Hope i am clear [img]/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]