I'm writing a QualityCenter VAPI script to create an excel overview containing the steps of a group of tests.

I succeed if I start from the test plan:

Set TreeMgr = tdconnection.TreeManager
Set TestTree = TreeMgr.NodeByPath(strNodeByPath)
Set TestFactory = TestTree.TestFactory
Set TestList = TestFactory.NewList("")

For Each TestCase in TestList

Thereafter I retrieve the test steps, etc.


A similar excel list with the contents of all tests in a certain test set is also required.

If I try to retrieve this information I do not arrive deeper than the level of the individual testset.
I do not get to the tests in the testset with the step-information in it!

Set TestSetTreeMgr = tdconnection.TestSetTreeManager
Set tsFolder = TestSetTreeMgr.NodeByPath(strNodeByPath)
Set tsTestFact = tsFolder.TestSetFactory
Set TestSetsList = tsTestFact.NewList("")

If TestSetsList.count > 0 Then
for each tSet In TestSetsList
msgBox("name=" & tSet.Name)
If tSet.name = strTestSet then
msgBox("id=" & tSet.ID)

'Here I want to get my test object!
End if
End if

How do I retrieve the tests (including steps) that belong with the test set?

Kind regards,