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    Manual tests cases with an automation framework

    Currently we only use Quality Center for automated testing. I am building out the process for manual testing.

    I am using the automation framework to create these manual test cases wherein tests are modularized and separated into blocks. It works fine until I create the test sets and attempt to execute them manually.
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    I have one test case with 20 test steps that validate every possible web analytics tag (each tag is a parameter). Only a select number of tags will appear on any given web page. The idea was to pull in this test case and only provide a value for the parameters in which I needed validate; all others would be left blank. This procedure works great for automation, however when executed manually, every test step is displayed, regardless if I have entered a parameter value or not.

    Ideally while executing the test manually, I only want the test steps that have parameter values to appear. Is there any way to accomplish this or something similar?

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    Re: Manual tests cases with an automation framework

    With automation you can cover a wide variety of items quickly and cleanly. You can also condense a number of manual tests into one automated test that will cover all componant parts.

    The reverse is true for manual tests. If you take one automated test you will need to break it down into manual tests that cover each componant to test.

    My suggestion is to break down your script into individual manual scripts that cover a unique set of parameters in each. You may find some overlap between some of the manual tests but it will get you the result you need.
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