I did manage to find vbscript code to update result of a test in a test set in TEST LAB.

What i want to do is, to update the test status for each STEP within that test case in TEST LAB.
I somehow cant figure out what to use in OTA API to access individual step in each test case in TEST LAB

the code that i have used so far just to update the test status for the test case as a whole is shown below.

Function connect_to_QC

qcUser = "username"
qcPassword = "password"
qcDomain = "domain"
qcProject = "project"
udv_qcServer = "http://www.qc.nokia.com/qcbin"

Set udv_tdc = CreateObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
'Initialise the Quality center connection
udv_tdc.InitConnectionEx udv_qcServer

'Loging the username and password
udv_tdc.Login qcUser, qcPassword

'connecting to the domain and project
udv_tdc.Connect qcDomain, qcProject

End Function

'Function to update the status of the test case in Quality center
'Example usage : Call update_test_status("MC","MC - CWM - Play 30 Second Clip Signed In WLAN","Failed")

Function update_test_status(test_set_name, test_name ,test_status)

Set TSetFact = udv_tdc.TestSetFactory
Set tsTreeMgr = udv_tdc.TestSetTreeManager
Set TestSetFolder1=tsTreeMgr.NodeByPath(folder_path)
set tsff = TestSetFolder1.TestSetFactory.Filter
set tsl = tsff.NewList()

If tsl.count = 0 Then
Print "Test set with the name =" & test_set_name & " is not found "
End If

For i=1 to tsl.count

Set ts = tsl.Item(i)
Set test_case_filter = ts.TSTestFactory.Filter
filter_string= Chr(34) & "*" & test_name & "*" &Chr(34)
Set tcase=test_case_filter.NewList()

If tcase.count = 0 Then
Print "Test case with the name =" & test_name & " is not found "
End If

For j=1 to tcase.count
Next ' End of test CASE loop

Next 'End of test SET loop

End Function