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    Test Lab name in Summary

    Hello everybody,

    does anyone know, how I can include the test lab name in the defect summary automatically??? Code?

    Initial situation:
    - I execute a test in the test lab
    - An error occurs
    - I click on the defect button

    target state:
    The name of the szenario (test lab name) should be in the summary of the defect coverage automatically.

    I hope that I explained it understandably.
    Thank you for your help!
    Best regards!


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    Re: Test Lab name in Summary

    What version of the QC do you use?

    QC 9.2 automatically provides the following info in the defect comment:
    Test Set: 2
    Test: [1]111
    Run: Run_2-18_15-33-32

    Test Parameters:

    Step: Step 1



    So you have Test Set, Test Instance (and Test), Run and Step names.

    PS. BTW, what do you mean under "Test Lab name"?



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