Hi all, WE will be long for me. Some problems on HPQC [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img].
Can someone help me on this peace of code...? I lauch function using menu button. An Error is returned : 424. What does it means ? I have really no idea [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img].
Thanks in advance for your help
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
Function multi_PopulateTC
On Error Resume Next

set myval=0

multi_PopulateTC= true

Set reqF = tdc.ReqFactory '*** REQ FACTORY / REQ / REQCOVERAGE ***
Set rq= reqF.Item(Req_Fields("RQ_REQ_ID").Value)

myval =rq.field("RQ_TYPE_ID")

if (myval = "Folder") then ' 1=folder

Set ReqFilter = reqF.Filter
ReqFilter.Filter("RQ_REQ_PATH") = rq.field("RQ_REQ_PATH") &amp; "*" 'maybe Req_Fields?????
ReqFilter.Filter("RQ_TYPE_ID") = 3 'Use Case

Set reqlist = ReqFilter.NewList

for i = 1 to reqlist.count
set reqL= reqlist(i)

Set coverlist = reqL.GetCoverList

For j = 1 To coverlist.Count
Set cov = coverlist(j)

if (cov.Field("TS_USER_08") = "Y") then 'populate

cov.Field("TS_USER_22") = reqL.Field("RQ_USER_08") 'Crit
cov.Field("TS_USER_25") = reqL.Field("RQ_USER_09") 'Freq
cov.Field("TS_USER_21") = reqL.Field("RQ_USER_11") 'cost
cov.Field("TS_USER_26") = reqL.Field("RQ_USER_13") 'impact

'calculate TEST PLAN arbitration
cov.Field("TS_USER_27") = Give_Importance( cov.Field("TS_USER_22") , cov.Field("TS_USER_25") )
cov.Field("TS_USER_23") = Give_Efficiency( cov.Field("TS_USER_27"), cov.Field("TS_USER_21"))
cov.Field("TS_USER_24") = Give_Final_result ( cov.Field("TS_USER_23"), cov.Field("TS_USER_26"))
cov.Field("TS_USER_29") = Give_Final_Arbitration (cov.Field("TS_USER_24"), cov.Field("TS_USER_28"))


end if
if ( myval = "Use Case" ) then 'only action on this type of requirement
'Logger " PopulateTC ID=", rq.ID
PopulateTC rq.ID
end if
end if

PrintError " multi_PopulateTC ", "Y"

On Error GoTo 0
end Function </pre><hr />