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Thread: QC benefits

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    QC benefits

    Can somebody help me in finding out a way to express the QC benefits in an objective way. I mean we all can define its benefits in a subjective manner but I have not found a way to express the same with a quatified value.
    I want a parameter or something similar in QC which I can express in a quantified way to make a report which will show in an objective way how many man-hours are we saving by using QC. We can then convert it to dollars to find the financial benefits of using this tool.
    Any help on this will be highly appreciated. Feel free to revert back if you have any questions on this.


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    Re: QC benefits

    Is there anyone who can suggest something on this?

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    Re: QC benefits

    The is not easy, but possible. You'll need a couple of numbers, a good calculation framework and some experience on how to identify the benefits and map it to your project and cost structure. Nothing that can be posted on a forum in a couple of lines.

    HP might be able to assist you. Please ask your local HP contact or sales representative about a "business value assessment" or a "ROI analysis" for Quality Center.



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