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    Error while creating a project.


    I got error while creating the new project.

    Failed to Create Project;
    Failed to create Quality Center project;
    Failed to create project 'TEST22';
    Failed to create new project 'TEST22';
    Can't load database;
    CMSSQLCreator : Unable to create database citnet_test22_db;
    [Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Server level event notifications are disabled as the database MSDB does not exist.;

    I can create a project using the other Db server, please let me know why this happens?

    MSDB exists in the dbserver still i can see the issue.


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    Re: Error while creating a project.

    The problem was with JDBC, i.e. QC Java services was not running, I started the services bye executing the ‘QCJAVASERVICE.exe’



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