Hi There,

I have a requirement, for which I need to write the workflow script.
Here is the requirement….
1. When user goes to TestLab=> Particular Test Set, he sees the execution flow.
2. Directly from the execution flow if the user changes the status of any test case in that test set, there will be one Test Run Instance created. We have user defined fields for every Run Instance eg. Release #.
3. So when ever the user changes the test status from execution flow by selecting the status from drop down, he should get a pop-up asking for the value of the “Release #” and it should be populated in the created “Test Run Instance”.

Hope this is clear.

Here is the code I used

Sub TestLab_TestSetTests_FieldChange(FieldName)
On Error Resume Next
If TestSetTest_Fields.Field("TC_STATUS").IsModified Then
Run_Fields.Field("RN_USER_01").Value=InputBox("Rel ease # :")
End If
On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

But this is not working. Any help would be appreciated.