Dear All,

An error message is displayed while moving a project from the "Current Server" to the "New Server".

Failed to cast Result Set value of field 'ST_EXPECTED' from type '2005' to string : Failed to convert clob to string
Currently we are moving our entire QC system to another server.

Current - QC 8.2 System
DB - Oracle 9i
Web Server - Apache (UNIX)
App Server - JBoss (UNIX)
File system - UNIX

New - QC 8.2 System (with latest Patch to run on Oracle 10.1)
DB - Oracle 10.1
Web Server - Apache (UNIX)
App Server - JBoss (UNIX)
File system - Windows Server 2000

STEPS Followed:
1.Import the repository file system of the "Curr_Project" from the Current file system to the New file system
2.Modify the dbid.xml file for the restore.
3.Create a Domain in New Server - QC Site Admin
4.Restore a project using the imported file system.
5.Create a new project in the "New DB system" by Copying a project from the above restore

During the copy process, the error message is displayed instead of successfully creating a project in the New Server.

1.We were able to successfully move a Domain with 20 projects from Current server to New server without any issues.
2.From the above error we found that, the column "ST_EXPECTED" in STEP table (of any project) is a clob in the Current DB system, whereas it is

not a clob in the New DB System. Hence we presume that the above problem is due to the mismatch in the data column characteristics.

Kindly request you to analyze the above issue and provide your suggestion/solution.