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    QC 9.2 Dashboard install- can\'t login wit dd_admin

    We recently installed QC 9.2 Dashboard and can open it from within a QC Project. However no one can log in, not even with the dd_admin user/pass provided in the instructions.

    Sounds like it might be an LDAP issue but I don't know where to start looking. Any suggestions?

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    Re: QC 9.2 Dashboard install- can\'t login wit dd_a

    Figured it out:

    These are the settings that needs to be done while using the LDAP authentication with dashboard.

    1) Set QC auth settings to QC (not LDAP)

    2) Make sure the dd_admin is in the users table (no pw)

    3) Launch dashboard, log in as dd_admin

    4) Re-enable LDAP settings

    5) "edit groups" and selet users

    6) Add the list of LDAP users as users (to be an admin, one must FIRST be in the user group)

    7) select OK

    8) edit the admin group

    9) add selected users as admin

    10) select OK

    11) log off dashbard and log in as LDAP user with admin privleages.

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    Re: QC 9.2 Dashboard install- can\'t login wit dd_admin


    2. In order for Quality Center Dashboard server to communicate with the Quality Center server follow these instructions:

    a) For secure communication , install Quality Center 9.2 patch 15 or above and install Quality Center Dashboard 9.2 patch 11 or above. Both patches must be installed for secure communication.

    1. Problem description:
    A security issue might allow unauthorized access to Quality Center Site Administration.
    Fix description:
    The problem is fixed. A new site configuration parameter - DISABLE_STRICT_REQUEST_VERIFICATION - has been introduced to control the new behavior. Define this parameter with the value 'Y' to retain the previous behavior.
    This fix impacts Quality Center Dashboard communication



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