Our company is creating standards for Quality Center accross all of our systems/groups.

One sticking point is the test plan strucutre. The folks heading up the effort want to move to a functional strucutre. I agree that this works well for web sites/GUI apps. The problem is that we are a mainframe system. Our tests do not fit neatly into a functional strucutre. We have our strucutre by release and then copy test cases that we plan to use for regression into a regression folder. Our mainframe is made up of two parts but it is really a giant complex calculator. It is a downstream system. We do not enter anything into a screen we take in feeds from other systems. Our testing sometimes requires extensive setup time. It is almost impossible to reuse tests. Once they are used more often then not they are dead.

How are other mainframe applications setting up the test plan folder? Anyone else facing a similar problem? How beneficial is having a set structure across the board?