In order to try and save time writing low level calls, I am trying to write an auto test that calls a command line utility we've already got, which then passes the requests made to it through to the real app.

I'm therefore trying to code the following steps

1. Run the command line utility ( app, params, -1 )
2. Choose one of the numbered menu items and press <enter>
3. If prompted, enter any extra info and press <enter>
4. Repeat 2 and 3 until the quit option is chosen in the menu.

On calling the command line app(step 1), the menu appears in the output window, but immediately it exits before the next line of code is even run. Is there anything about VAPI that would cause this, or is it likely to be the tool I'm calling? The latter is very possible - it's a java command line app that took me ages to get the settings correct to allow the call to work.

My other query is how do I enter the numbers and (potential info) on the command line? Is this simply a case of calling TDOutput.text = requiredValue? Due to the first problem I haven't tried anything yet. However, after searching on 'VAPI', I've not actually seen any reference to this while looking for other info, so any pointers are gratefully received.