I am a new admin user of the Dashboard, and I have some setup questions. I apologize if these are basic, but I have not been able to find my answers in the user guides.

The Dashboard is fully installed, I have associated a QC project for its data, and I see four default portlets (correct term?) on my Indicators (home) page:

Defects indicator, by priority
Defects indicator, by severity
Test indicator by execution status
Requirements indicator

First question: is it possible to control which portlets are displayed by default on the Indicators page? For example, right now I only want to display defect-related portlet information but I don't know how to delete the test and requirements portlets.

Second question: I was experimenting with the settings in one of the portlets (Defects indicator, by priority), and now I am getting an error when I drill down. This error appears when I click on the associated project link for this portlet:

"This chart cannot be displayed because the data source provided the non-numeric value "1-Low" for the wedge size."

I understand that this "1-Low" is referencing a value in the Priority field in the Defects module, but I don't understand how to resolve the error. Any ideas?

Third question: if I make undesirable changes to portlets, the indicator page, etc., is there a way to "reset to default" and essentially undo all my changes?

Thanks so much for reading my post and providing feedback.