My company is considering the use of BPT to allow our analysts to create automated test scripts. I'm thrilled with how easy it has been to implement so far, but I have a question regarding parameters for business components.

Does anyone know of a way for our "Subject Matter Experts" to be able to select an item from a dropdown when inputting a parameter? Many of the parameters we use specify the data to be selected from an swfComboBox in our program. Those of you who have worked with QuickTest Pro surely know the frustration that can arise from typographical errors when trying to automate the selection from these boxes.

Is there a way (however convoluted, lol) to provide this functionality? Or am I better off providing a detailed description in the appropriate box beside the parameter?

Or perhaps I could have them enter a numeric value based on the order of selections in the dropdown?

Any help greatly appreciated as this would save us ours of headache in the future.