Guys I am stuck with couple requirements and seek your help.

1 -
Cannot believe HP/Mercury did not offer this out of the box. I need to filter lookup list of users with users belonging to certain group. For example, when defect is in certain status, I want only the users from certain group be listed in Assigned To field not everyone who is on this project (since Assigned To is a lookup list of users you know and every one appears here). Any idea how I can filter this list based on a role/group?

This one I thought was simple but I am stuck. I have to retrieve path of a test set. I basically have written code to send emails to responsible testers when their name is selected in test lab as responsible tester. I have to send complete path (from root) in the email. How do I retrieve the path? Following code I have written and it is not working (I have checked the ID and that I am pulling right; so the issue is with NodeById().

Below is the code:

On Error Resume Next

Dim strTestSetPath
Dim objTestSetTreeMgr, objTestSetFldr, objTestSetFactory, objTestSet

Set objTestSetTreeMgr = TDConnection.TestSetTreeManager
Set objTestSetFldr = objTestSetTreeMgr.TestSetFolder

Set objTestSetFactory = TDConnection.TestSetFactory
Set objTestSet = objTestSetFactory.Item(TestSet_Fields("CY_CYCLE_ID ").Value)

msgbox "Test Set is located under '" & objTestSet.TestSetFolder & "' folder & ID is: " & objTestSet.ID

'Determining the path now based on Test Set ID
Set objTestSetFldr = objTestSetTreeMgr.NodeById(objTestSet.ID)
strTestSetPath = objTestSetFldr.Path

msgbox "Test Set Path is: " & strTestSetPath

Set objTestSetTreeMgr = Nothing
Set objTestSetFldr = Nothing
Set objTestSetFactory = Nothing
Set objTestSet = Nothing