We are in the process of setting up a backup system for our Quality Center Server environment. Our environment is using MS SQL 2000 as the database server for a QC 9.0 installation and I am wondering if you are using the "open file agents" to backup the database and file system portion of the QC repositories.

The reason this has become an issue in my company lately is we realized that our backups may be unreliable and if there is an issue, we would like to be able to restore our environments quickly.

So inshort, if you could list the backup tools that you use in your environment, I would appreciate, because we may purchase a reliable backup solution based on your recommendations.

P.S. We can not shutdown the QC and/or SQL services. All we can do is force people log off at certain times, but it is not a preferred practice at our shop to shutdown the servers/services. So I would appreciate if you can recommend any backup solution that can take a snap shot of files at any given time w/o requiring application shutdown.

Thanks in advance.