I am using Quality Center 9.2 and need some help with the user access restriction properties.

I have created one user group (GR1) that has the permissions to execute Test Instances in the Test Lab only from a specific folder (The group has a Data Hiding filter created to view tests only from that specific folder).

The second group created (GR2) has permissions to change the values in only one field in the Test Lab module (a custom field of type USER_LIST).

What I want is to add a memeber of GR1 to GR2 (or vise versa) and to keep the properties of the two groups: I.e. to allow this user to change the values in the specific field and to execute Test Instances in accordnace with the Data-Hiding filter of GR1.

I have treied different combinations but nothing works- in most of the attempts, when I add the user to both groups, the Data- Hiding filter becomes invalid.

Have you faced similar issue? Is there any workaroud?

Thank you in advance!