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    Creating test sets automatically


    I am trying to create test sets automatically by workflow customization in QC 9.2.

    I want to create a new test set in test lab for each test in test plan that does not included in any test set. After that I want to insert the test into the test set. The first part is working but I couldn't manage to insert the the test into the test set. Below is the script I wrote I don't know why it is not working it seems fine to me but obviously there is something missing.
    [ QUOTE ]

    If ActiveModule="TestLab" then
    msgbox "Entered Test Lab 8"
    Dim testSetFolder
    Dim testSetFolderF
    Dim testSetF
    Dim testSetFC
    Dim testF
    Dim testSetFilter
    Dim testSetList
    Dim TestFilter
    Dim TestInstanceF
    Dim TestInstance
    Dim aTest
    Dim testL
    Set testSetFC = TDConnection.testsetFactory
    Set testSetFilter = testSetFC.filter
    testSetFilter.filter("CY_CYCLE") = ">= 0"
    Set testF = TDConnection.testFactory
    Set TestFilter = testF.filter
    TestFilter.SetXFilter "TEST-TESTSET", False, testSetFilter.Text
    Set testL = testF.NewList(TestFilter.Text)
    Set testSetFolderF = TDConnection.TestSetTreeManager
    Set testSetFolder = testSetFolderF.NodeByPath("Root\aaa")
    Set testSetF = testSetFolder.testsetFactory
    Dim Item
    For Each Item In testL
    Set testSet1 = testSetF.AddItem(Null)
    testSet1.Name = Item.Name
    testSet1.Status = "Open"
    Set testSetList = testSetFolder.FindTestSets(Item.Name)
    Set theTestSet = testSetList.Item(1)
    TestInstanceF = theTestSet.TSTestFactory
    Set TestInstance = TestInstanceF.AddItem(Null)
    TestInstance.Name = "[1]" & Item.Name
    TestInstance.Status = "No Run"
    TestInstance.Type = "MANUAL"
    End If

    [/ QUOTE ]

    This script is under "Enter Module" part. Any help appreciated..

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Creating test sets automatically

    It's not just that
    TestInstanceF = theTestSet.TSTestFactory
    should be
    set TestInstanceF = theTestSet.TSTestFactory

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    Re: Creating test sets automatically

    yeah I forgot "set" there noticed that l8r.. still not working..

    Thanks though [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]




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