Hey guys,

I've got a question for you all: I, as many others, am looking for a way to create reports and I, as many others, have found a number of options, but none are giving me what I want:

Document generator? Works like a pain, has a structure which is not the way I want to order the data, contains a lot of garbage in which I am not interested

Report button using xslt? Actually is almost what I want: determine your own structure with the use of xslt, but it takes ages to generate a large document.

Direct database queries? Not again... There HAS to be a simpler solution [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] Right?...Right???? Creating a document generator of my own will just take up way to much time.

I am furiously hoping that you guys know of a way to document without having to write a complete new tool...*again*

The thing I was thinking about involves using the XML data which is generated when using the report button: I noticed that the report button dumps a xml file to a temp folder, links it with the xslt you give and shows the result in the QC window. What I am hoping for is a way to get the same XML file, but then all of the data in one go, and a lot faster then it does in the QC GUI.

If you have other idea's how to extract the information from QC without having to write another database program which links all of the information on low level, please let me know...

Thanks in advance!