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    Data Migration from JIRA to QC 9.2


    This is with regards to the migrating data from JIRA to Quality Center 9.2.Can I get proper documents to initiate this task for our company?

    Our one of the development team is using JIRA and now our company is standardizing the QC 9.2 across the organization therefore the historical data which is laying in JIRA needs to be migrated to QC 9.2. Please help me to figure out how to migrate from JIRA to QC. Your immediate response will be appreciated.

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    Re: Data Migration from JIRA to QC 9.2

    Did you have an answer to your question?

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    Re: Data Migration from JIRA to QC 9.2

    Provide the solution if any one is aware of the process .... [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Data Migration from JIRA to QC 9.2

    Your post is older now I hope my post is not late.

    I had similar problem to keep QC and JIRA up to date. Reporintg. very hard.

    Dev group wanted JIRA becasue consulting group integrated it with Perforce and Subversion. They don't want to leave.

    Test Group want QC only of course.

    Both group are correct. JIRA beeter for software development and QC better for test. My solution was to keep both.

    I bought JaM from go2group. It did two way sync of all issues, updates fields, attachements, and requirements. Good product and very check. Less than $2,000 USD.

    I used to do reproting form QC now I do it from JIRA.

    If your management still wants you to migrate fromJIRA to QC only, you could try JaM. JaM has free 30 day evaluation license. Maybe it can sync your issues for you and you did not even have to purchase JaM product.

    Good luck.
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