Hello to everybody,

I'm trying to enable the text search feature in my Quality Center 9.0 but I'm not able.

The application is connected to a Oracle DB 10g. I installed Oracle Text on my database. I enabled the text seach feature in the DB servers tab in the Administration site. After that, I pressed "Enabled/rebuild text search" and I got the message "Build of text search index finished succesfully". That was correct. After that, I logged into this project and I select text search button. The text search options appeared. The problem happened when I tried to look for a string. I filled the search text field and I pressed the search button. Then I got the following message: "Text searching is not available for this project. Contact the site administrator". I came back to the adminitrator options, in order to enable again, but I didn't get a solution.

Please, could you help me. I'm stuck on this problem...

Thank you very much!