I am trying to duplicate runs in the QC via Workflow but I cannot add new run via the workflow - it seems to finish execute but nothing added into the database.

This is the code I am trying to execute:

Set TSFactory = TDConnection.TestSetFactory

Set TS = TSFactory.Item(Run_Fields("RN_CYCLE_ID").value)
Set TSTestFactory =TS.TSTestFactory
Set TSTest = TSTestFactory.Item(Run_Fields("RN_TEST_ID").Value)


Set RunFactory1 = TSTest.RunFactory
Set TestRun = RunFactory1.AddItem(Null)

TestRun.TestSetID = Run_Fields("RN_CYCLE_ID").value
TestRun.TestId = Run_Fields("RN_TEST_ID").Value
TestRun.Name = "Nir"
TestRun.Status = "Passed"

msgbox TestRun.Name


Set TSFactory = Nothing
Set TS = Nothing
Set TSTestFactory =Nothing
Set TSTest = Nothing
Set TestRun = Nothing
Set RunFactory = Nothing