I am trying to add a QTP Test Instance to a Test Set in Test Lab. I tried following the example in the help docs but that example is for a Manual test and not QTP.

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
'Create a test instance from the factory of the new test set
Set testInstanceF = TstSet.TSTestFactory
Set aFilter = testInstanceF.Filter
For aTest = 1 To UBound(Test_List)
aFilter.Filter("TC_TEST_ID") = CInt(Test_List(aTest))
Set lst = testInstanceF.NewList(aFilter.Text)
Set tstInstance = testInstanceF.AddItem(lst(aTest))
'Put the test in the test set
tstInstance.Field("TC_TEST_ID") = CInt(Test_List(aTest))
tstInstance.Status = "No Run"

</pre><hr />

When i refresh in QC my Test Set is still empty.