I want to add a script in workflow script editor in order to capture the test ids of test plans (which are covered for one or more requirements) in one of the system defined field of Reuqirments module.

for eg. Req 1 has test plans A ,B and C associated with it. So i need to add a script which will show all these three test plans Id in one of the system defined field of Requirments module, now the data from this field say Req_x= TP1,TP2,TP3 can be synchronised to Requisite pro using Quality center synchroniser.

Currently i am able to define a code in work flow editor for one req associated with test plan by adding code in the testnew event of testplan module , but i am unable to define one to many relationshsips.

can you help me in this regards.

Dr.Preeti Premraj