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    voice user interface testing

    Hi all

    Anyone has experience with voice user interface testing? I tried Google around and there seems not many information about this. I came across an interesting in car voice email product yesterday, and I realized that VUI is really more challenging then web GUI. It must require a lot of understanding in linguistics and psychology, and also a high usability requirement. I'm interested to know if there is any standard/technology available specific to design/develop/test voice user interface. Are there any tools available for functional test automation? What are the common risks? Any simulation tools?

    BTW, I found this book from Amazon. Id appreciate if someone has any comment about this book.


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    Re: voice user interface testing

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    Are there any tools available for functional test automation?

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    Check empirix hammer

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    Re: voice user interface testing

    I'm not sure if my experience is relevant or not, for what you're interested in - I spent more than 15 years testing voicemail and related systems, and am now testing an audioconference bridge. I didn't (and don't) do all that much with the VUIs, as I deal with telephony by choice. But I've had collegues that were *really* good at testing VUIs. Knowlege of linguistics not required, nor any formal training in psychology - they were just really good at working with voice applications.

    If your Device-Under-Test is some sort of telephony system, Hammers are wonderful (and expensive). www.empirix.com And, I can point you to various other resources.

    If you're interested in voice apps that are *not* telephony systems, a Hammer is unlikely to be useful. I recommend you ask questions in forums dedicated to accessible techology for the blind - I could ask my blind roommate for suggested forums, if you like.

    My blog is "Testing and Telephony" at



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