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    Self Promotion PPT

    Hi All,

    Any one help me. i have to given small presentation to my self based this presentation i need to cover the topics what i did past 2 yr in my organization, so based on this presentation i will get promotion as a TL Level.

    Please help me if any one have self based promation PPT Templates. i already coverd the following topics in PPT.

    1. Current organiztion exp and other organization exp levels
    2. Current organization challnging projects
    3. Delivery topics
    4. Domain Exp level

    If any extra topics,templates please share.


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    Re: Self Promotion PPT

    This sounds like it is largely based on your own experience, so it's a little difficult because we don't know what you've done at your current position.

    Some other ones, though, could be your daily responsibilities, any innovations you've made in the company, examples of your leadership.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    Re: Self Promotion PPT

    Please let me know if any common topics to be covered in this template

    if any one have template

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    Re: Self Promotion PPT

    Template? I've never actually come across a self-promotion Powerpoint presentation. (And I'm not sure I would look on it very favorable as a hiring manager).



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