The Association for Software Testing is a not-for-profit, non-commercial professional association dedicated to improving the practice of software testing by advancing the science of testing and its application. You can read more about it here: http://www.associationforsoftwaretes...rg/about.html.

CAST, AST's annual conference, is coming up in Toronto in July--the 14th through the 16th--with the theme "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Software Testing". Jerry Weinberg will be our leadoff keynote speaker. Aside from the Amplifying Your Effectiveness Conference in Phoenix in November and his PSL workshops, I believe that this is his only conference appearance this year. Jerry will also be giving a limited-attendance tutorial; registration for that is first-come, first served.

Scott Barber, Hung Nguyen, and Julian Harty are give one-day tutorials too, and Cem Kaner, Robert Sabourin, and Brian Fisher will also be keynoting. You can find general information online at The full program is at

More information about the schedule and other activities will be released from time to time.

Another exciting bit of news is that Dorset House will be soon be releasing Jerry's new book on testing, "Perfect Software and Other Testing Myths", and the official launch is at CAST.

We'd like this to be the best-attended and most successful CAST yet. Here's how you can help with that:

a) Attend the conference and participate in it. The success of CAST is not merely in the presentations; it's also in the facilitated discussions that happen afterwards, the experience reports that people publish, the learning that happens for everyone, and the building of a community of skilled testers. If you're having trouble persuading the people who hold the purse strings to send you to the conference, check out this article by John Suzuki:

b) Help us to obtain sponsorship (; it looks rather better under Internet Explorer than under Firefox). You can find information and a brochure at that location; send the brochure around, and point people to the link. Personal contact and persuasion is very powerful and helpful.

c) Spread the word about the conference generally. Print the brochure and post it by the coffee machine or the elevators. Talk up the conference at your local testing or development association--whatever you can do to get the word out. Even if your company won't send people, please spread the word to those who might be engaged enough to go on their own.

There will be further updates. Register soon!

All the best,

Michael Bolton
Conference Chair