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Webinar #2 Update
Thanks to those who attended the 2nd SQAforums webinar:
"When to Automate your testing". We had over 3000 registrations and
over 900 attendees!
We have sent 10 Polo Shirts to those winners who answered most of the
questions correctly. Some of you will start receiving the shirts by next week.
If you want to still view the recording of the webinar, you can do so at:

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- Great News! We're working on SQAF v.4 upgrade. Lots of new Features:
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- Have you checked out the new interview questions forum?;Board=IQ

- We've exceeded 156,000 Members! Join us and
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Here is a list of interesting (must read) blog entries from our member blogs:

- QA and Testing Interview Questions (And Some Answers) - by Joe Strazzere

- Automated Functional Testing Presentation - by Damian Synadinos

- Trace Matrix - by Jake Brake

- Our 1st draft of Agile working model - by Ally

- Testing With The Man - Chapter 13 - by Michael Furmaniuk


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