Webinar #2


Join us for this live Webevent hosted by BetaSoft and sponsored by QAZone:

Tuesday, Feb 26th, 2008;
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST
Space is limited; reserve your seat by registering on-line now.

When to Automate Your Testing (and When Not To)

Test automation is a topic that many Quality Assurance teams struggle with. Although the promise of test automation may be clear, finding the right time to get started and marshalling the resources and support is often difficult. And worse yet, if you get off on the wrong foot or choose the wrong projects to automate, the benefits of test automation may prove to be elusive. In this Webinar Alex Difonzo, Quality Assurance Manager for Synchronoss Technologies and Joe Fernandes, Director of Product Management for Empirix will discuss when to automate your testing and review criteria for good (and bad) automation candidates so you can get your test automation efforts on an early path to success.

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The recording is now available.

Just go to the URL above and either register if you have not already done so, or enter your email address to get the link to download.

You do need to install a Codec if you do not have it installed already though.

I'm glad you all enjoyed and thank you for all the feedback.

Sadly, nobody guessed the last Quiz questions though as of yet.