Hi all,

I am just starting at a new company. I've done many new companies that haven't had any form of QA, but this one is in a fair bit farther behind the curve than I've done before.

They have an established web site product (ColdFusion) and have active customers and revenue which is great, but are really at a point where they need to start taking things seriously which is why both my boss (COO) and I were brought in.

My role in the company is the head of QA. Within that I will also be establishing our release management, as well as the front to back QA and everything that entails.

What I'm looking for here is just some commentary on some of the things I'm intending on setting up and getting these guys trained on. It's a small company so I'm looking to go the open source route where it makes sense.

Version Control: I'm thinking subversion is the best bet. I've used the tool in the past and have had nothing but great experiences with it. Tortoise I also found was an easy client to use and train people on.

Bug Management: they have a customer facing system for customer requests, but internally I'm thinking Bugzilla.

Manual Test Management: Here is one that I haven't been great at in the past. For a long while I had used various custom built tools or excel sheets. At a couple recent companies I started using TestLink and found it not bad, but not great. Any alternative recommendations here that would be stronger than TestLink?

Automated Test Tool: Basically need a good functional tool here. Would love to have the load testing, but it may not be 100% necessary and I could consider renting an avalanche to do this once in awhile, or possibly getting a test lab to help out. The tool isn't primarily concerned with load since traffic is not extreme. I'm thinking of taking a look at QTP. I've used a lot of custom built tools but this being a lot more normal of a web application I can likely get away with a standardized tool. Would love some recommendations on picking one out. I had some comments in another thread and will check out those tools.

We're also debating between getting a wiki setup or using a SharePoint to help with team communication and resources. We're currently working in an office but considering shifting to a distributed model so good tools like one of these and IRC become critically important.

Just scratching the surface here, obviously tons to do. But getting these tools setup and in use is a pretty big deal to me once I have got sign-off on our development and qa methodologies (likely agile).

Any commentary, recommendations, major things I'm missing in the short term would be appreciated.