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    Testing Broadband Appliances

    Hi there, i am after some advice. I am looking to progress my career in the testing world and an opportunity has come up in the consumer electronics industry. i'm just wondering if anyone has any experience in testing products such as Set Top Boxes, VOIP, Broadband. I'm assuming it is the software on these products which will be tested as i have been recommended this role as i have recently passed my ISEB exams. Anyone with any experience of this and are willing to post what the job entails will be most appreciated. thanks.

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    Re: Testing Broadband Appliances

    What kinds, types, or categories of testing are you looking to do?
    Do you have programming background? If so, in what?
    Have searched any of the job listing sites for job descriptions?

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    Re: Testing Broadband Appliances

    The first thing I would do is to verify that your assumption is correct, and also to find out exactly what testing the job would entail. With that information people here may be able to provide some information.

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