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    pop up boxes

    what is pop up boxes.can u tell me in detail.

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    Re: pop up boxes

    Well now, perhaps you could try this;


    Alternatively, try typing 'pop up box' into google.

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    Re: pop up boxes

    I love Origami, thanks for the popup box!
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    Re: pop up boxes

    If you use Windows you can copy the following code and paste it to WordPad, save as type ‘Text Document’ and name it “PopUps.vbs”.

    Double-click the saved file and enjoy the pop-ups [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    Dim BtnClicked

    BtnClicked = MsgBox ("I Love PopUps ~';'~ ", 65, "First VBS MsgBox")

    If BtnClicked = 1 Then
    BtnClicked = MsgBox ("You clicked OK!", 65, "Last VBS MsgBox")
    BtnClicked = MsgBox ("You clicked Cancel or X!", 65, "Last VBS MsgBox")
    End If
    </pre><hr />

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    Re: pop up boxes

    Name SreeVidya
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    Company Millenium Software Solutions
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    Country India

    Sree if you are a Test Engineer you should really know what a popup box is.

    Wait till IanF sees this post.....

    Mark Smith.



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