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    Compliance Testing

    In an interview i was asked about compliance testing. can anybody clarify on that?

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    Re: Compliance Testing

    As per my knowledge compliance testing means testing of business rules against document standards and specifications.

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    Re: Compliance Testing


    Compliance testing could mean different things in different speheres. In pharma industry it means that the SW application meets the stated objectives of the application and what are the deviations if any waht does the management do to fall in line.

    In the newest sphere of the SOX compliance, it means that the company's accounting policies are as per the accounting norms and the software has a means of tracking any fradulent practices and report to the management.It also means that the company is not resorting to any hanky panky and is compliant to the accounting standards as set forth in the accounting body's charter.

    Does this answer your question?




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