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    Any interest in a Python as a Test Tool forum ?

    Hi guys, its been a while now.
    I'm an "guru" SilkTest person, but lately all of my work has been with Python scripting, so I don't come here much anymore.

    I have to say that I have been extremely impressed with the clarity, flexibility and maturity of Python.

    Even though it is a general purpose language, it really is very similar to OO-SilkTest scripting.
    The multitude of libraries makes it much more extensible and appropriate for my work.

    Anyone else here using Python as their primary test tool ?
    Is there any interest in a "Python as a Test Tool" forum ?
    Rob Kapteyn, CSTE

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    Re: Any interest in a Python as a Test Tool forum ?

    I develop lots of homebrew test tools and scripts with Python.

    Corey Goldberg
    Homepage: goldb.org
    Twitter: twitter.com/cgoldberg
    Google+: gplus.to/cgoldberg



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