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    read the books, got the t-shirt, next ?

    I'll spare you all the full auotobiography but basically I'm a developer looking to move into testing. I thought this might be happening at the company I'm with now ( check out my posts from 6 months ago ) but it ain't happening and I'm sick of banging my head against a wall - a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, now I have some idea of how testing should be done it's frustrating to work in an enviroment where it isn't and the same mistakes are made again and again

    So, I'm thinking it's time to leave and I'm looking for ideas on anything I can do help out with my CV/resume and help me talk the talk at any interview

    I've got a decent library of testing books and I try to relate the theory and ideas to the problems I find at work
    I'm a regular visitor to here and StickyMinds.
    I know VB, C, assembler, Windows, MacOS and Unix and SQL - is there anything else I should be learning ? Perl ?
    Should I get evaluation copies of some of the tools and be trying them out ?

    any suggestions welcome

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    Re: read the books, got the t-shirt, next ?

    it is important to first work out what sort of tester you want to be and what sort of environment and organisation you would want to work with and where/how you can add value there.
    Taken briefly from the short note above there would be a potentially strong leaning to more technical testing and early whitebox (or not) unit testing/ integrationt esting as you have the programming knowledge.
    It may also be possible that you could fit well in agile development teams as here the coding skills would be of value.
    I am not to sure you need to learn a specific tool but it might be worth trying out some of the market leaders (Mercury/Rational/Compuware/Segue) as these are still the main ones in demand. To generally practice and demonstrate you understand the concepts of test automation then WATIR or selinium are both worth a try.
    As for talking at the interview expanding on the post above and explaining your passion and reasons for this is going to be a winner with the types of test manager that tend to post here.
    Neill McCarthy
    Agile Testers of the World UNIT!

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    Re: read the books, got the t-shirt, next ?

    Originally posted by philk10:
    Should I get evaluation copies of some of the tools and be trying them out ?
    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">Yes.

    Understanding the general concepts behind test automation, and how they are implemented in a few of the tools can be helpful.
    Joe Strazzere
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